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  • Something Excellent and Extraordinary on Merrill Hill

    Something Excellent and Extraordinary on Merrill Hill

    "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" Angela Schmidt. Once upon a wonderland tucked away neatly in the heart of Sunday River there lies this magnificent 460-acre sweep of wonderland located on ‘The Maine Atlas’. A place where Cross Country and Alpine Skiing, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Golf and Sunday River meet in the Mountains of Western Maine as if lifted from the pages of an ancient storybook, it is a place thick with history, lore and legend. A place belonging to a bygone era and one that only a few families will have the honor to call home. This wondrous place, this uncrowded and unspoiled place, this last best place is called Merrill Hill. High trees of red, gold and green and a river so filled with magic that it was punctuated with an Artists Covered Bridge in 1872... A time machine that thrusts one back in time. On the heels of Sunday River’s 50th Anniversary a good number of inquiries are from people that remember coming to Sunday River with their families when they were children much like the family pictured on Lollapalooza. Now Merrill Hill is setting a stage from which to create your family’s most cherished memories, hallowed moments, these points of grace that release you from worldly cares and worries. In short, memories need a place to happen and ultimately only a few signature homes will be built in this wonderland where River, Ski Trails, Golf and Mountains meet. It is time for you to make your history here.

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  • The Turning Point on Merrill Hill

    Gatehouse on Morganite

    Located on Morganite Way on the road to Sunday River Golf Club and Jordan Grand Hotel is the gatehouse entrance to Merrill Hill Estates. Where the past, present and future converge to create a stunning retreat for a select few on a limited number of homesites strategically placed on over 460-acres of unspoiled woodlands. Where nature stands as guardian and guide, steadfastly protected by an uncompromising commitment to preservation, conservation and stewardship. Where architectural standards respectfully reflect the traditions of yesterday, amenities are unparalleled with abundant common areas for recreation and fitness, and the legacies of those who have come before us merge seemlessly with your own. The gated entrance and gatehouse is more a formality than a necessity and is a welcoming sentinel into this beautiful neighborhood or sometimes is a convenient place for these young athletes to wait for their lift to the slopes.

    We draw on the breadth of what the community has to offer within a tight radius revolving around this perfectly placed location. Out your door you have access to everything from fly fishing to spa facilities, first class golf and skiing, New England’s most beautiful mountain village, healthy organic foods from nearby farms and access to an airport. This is a retreat for those wishing to escape the demands and rigors of their everyday life to a natural paradise with underground utilities and fiber optics. If you have fallen in love with the area it is time to select the perfect homesite in this unspoiled and uncrowded development.

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  • Blazing Trails on Merrill Hill

    Blazing Trails

    Welcome to a truly rare and remarkable property in the heart of Sunday River surrounded by overwhelming natural splendor and a wide number of sporting pursuits in an all season playground. Merrill Hill is a treasure because of the magic here that so effectively channels the spirit of the land. It will engender a gratitude for being counted fortunate enough to soak in the presence of such pure beauty. Cradled by A Four Season Resort Merrill Hill unfurls 460-acres overlooking challenging cross country and alpine slopes, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. golf, Sunday River and Mountains of Western Maine.

    Being involved with real estate for the past few decades, I have had the pleasure of traveling a fair bit. If you like me, have been to more than a few places, then you are familiar with what a powerful piece of land can do for you. How it can play with your heart and make a home in your soul. I can talk to you at length about how beautiful Merrill Hill is when the moonlight hits it just right. About how because the land has not been timbered that some of the trees are true ancient ones that anchor the homesites, how cares fall away when I walk the property with my dogs in autumn or alone on snow shoes in the winter. But the truth is that it does move people in a special way. Only a select few families will have an opportunity to build their homes in this wonderland situated in an unspoiled and uncrowded New England pristine forest. Call when the time is right for you.

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  • Life is Measured in Years but on Merrill Hill Life is Measured in Moments

    Life Measured in Moments

    In everyone’s life there are five or six, possibly ten moments of perfection: For this young racer it might be a Chondola ride and a day of skiing with his Dad and Brother. For you it might be: That special day with Granddad, snowmen and sleds. A family feast of food, games and stories with extended family after a ski day. Seeing a triple rainbow over the mountains. A new puppy. That first real kiss. Isn’t it fun to remember your special moments? Get back to the simple things in a place that is simply spectacular.

    Our best memories aren’t made on a cell phone, sitting in traffic or tackling that endless to do list. Our best memories are made in the moments we slow down and do the things we love, with the people we love. It’s all a matter of finding time. Memories need a place to happen and Merrill Hill offers the perfect canvas upon which everlasting memories can be painted. If you have fallen in love with the area it is time to select the perfect homesite in this unspoiled and uncrowded wonderland. Each parcel a one of a kind trophy property. Only a select few will call this 460-acre wonderland home where River, Golf and Slopes meet in the Mountains of Western Maine. When you find a moment give us a call.

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  • Deep in the Maine Woods, a Giant Bill Pennington, New York Times

    What's the largest ski resort in the Northeast? Killington, right? Everybody knows that. But what’s the second biggest? Stowe? Whiteface? Okemo? Wrong, wrong and wrong.

    If you asked people leaving a ski store in the metropolitan New York area this question, as I recently did, it would be a very long time before someone mentions Sunday River, the vast resort of eight peaks in central Maine. With 668 skiable acres, it is the Northeast’s second-biggest resort.

    Sunday River is the behemoth of the Eastern ski industry that only Boston-area skiers seem to know about. Even people in Vermont, upstate New York or Southern New England don’t often venture to Sunday River. It is a sprawling mountain getaway with few crowds. It is the unhurried, somewhat untried giant waiting to be fully discovered 50 years after it opened.

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  • Sunday River announces the opening of New England's first and only ChondolaThe Boston Globe

    Ever since Boyne Resorts had acquired Sunday River in August, 2007 for it's portfolio of ski resorts across the US, the company has vowed to provide long-term investment for Sunday River to improve and expand it's operations. At the time, already a fourth largest ski resort in New England, with half a million yearly visitors, Sunday River had been consistently ranked in the top 10 across the US by SKI magazine.

    In 2008/2009 season skiers can reap the benefits of $14 million in capital spending, largest in the last 10 years. Among the improvements is a $7.2 million Chondola - a fusion of a gondola and a chairlift, which gets you to the peaks faster than ever.

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  • Merrill Hill Estates Welcomes You to the Light of HomeBethel Citizen

    In all your travels, you have never found a place that so clearly reflects your feelings about home. Peaceful, private, serene and naturally, just beautiful. Discover a place where your heart is home. Very rarely does one find the perfect balance of opportunity and timing. This threshold to paradise located perfectly between resort amenities of Sunday River and the raw beauty of the Mountains of Western Maine awaits a setting worthy of the dream home you have been building in your mind. With large private homesites, Mahoosucs and slope views, streams, Sunday River, hiking trails, skiing, pavilion, underground utilities and fiber optics the Private Gated Community of Merrill Hill Estates will fill your days with pursuits and pleasures profoundly beyond the ordinary. Although you have yet to walk your dream home’s destined setting, your heart already knows the place.

    Merrill Hill Estates sets the standards for Natural Elegance in the heart of Sunday River with an environment so precious the streets are named for gemstones found in the region. Merrill Hill is The Crown Jewel of Sunday River. Call today for information on The Discovery Collection 2-10 Acre Homesites starting at $200,000 941-356-6225

  • Natural Elegance Finds its Peak on Merrill HillBethel Citizen

    Good Morning! This is your wake-up call from Merrill Hill Estates. Time to rethink your hectic schedule? Nestled in the heart of Sunday River moments away from world-class amenities at every turn is the reward you have been seeking for your hard work.

    Reward yourself with a getaway that’s more than just another resort community. It is land that is as spectacular in summer, swathed in green, as it is in fall ablaze with orange and red, and now in winter, blanketed with snow. Few sights are as aweinspiring as the glistening wintry vistas of these ski slopes and the Mahoosucs. Natural homesites, designed to compliment surroundings with underground utilities, boast uncompromised views through four dramatically different seasons. Find peace and pleasure in a gated neighborhood committed to the preservation of nature. Call today. Tomorrow morning could be very good.

    Merrill Hill Estates sets the standards for Natural Elegance in the heart of Sunday River with an environment so precious the streets are named for gemstones found in the region. Merrill Hill is The Crown Jewel of Sunday River. Call today for information on The Discovery Collection 2-10 Acre Homesites starting at $200,000 941-356-6225

  • Dream Making at Merrill Hill Estates

    Dream Making

    The mission of Merrill Hill Estates is to create homes and amenities which inspire a healthy lifestyle, with privacy, while complementing the natural beauty of the environment. Merrill Hill is a 460-acre parcel of land that runs along Sunday River to the peak of Merrill Hill. The founders' goal is to protect the natural wonders that drew them here in the first place, with protective covenants, architectural guidelines and underground utilities. Inspired by local gemologists, streets were named for gemstones found in this mineral rich area.

    When you have your boots on the ground at Merrill Hill you feel like you are in the middle of everything at Sunday River. Merrill Hill is flanked by Sunday River’s golf course, ski slopes and Jordan Grand Hotel. Just “Google it” to see exactly how close Merrill Hill is to these world-class amenities. In some spots it seems you can reach out and touch Oz. Homesites range from 2 to 10 acres , each a one-of-kind trophy property, in a gated neighborhood. Glade trails exist in the 100 acre private recreation area, and as more homes are built a pavilion is planned for homeowners.

    Michael Bosse of Mountain Homes of the West, built in Vail, Colorado for fifteen years. He now shares the Merrill Hill vision of quality and style, with this new home nearing completion, a mixed-media design blending with natural elements, innovative technology, a green building and materials from the site. There is no doubt that living in a fine home in a beautiful setting will always define the American Dream, and the Merrill Hill vision.

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